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Site Preparation

An essential task to any concrete project is professional and careful site preparation. This is the best way to ensure your next concrete patio, driveway, platform, or other structure is set correctly and installed.

Proper and professional site preparation from Epic Concrete in Valparaiso includes grading, excavation, construction, and other work that helps strengthen the durability and final quality of your end project.

With Epic Concrete, you get a team of expert concrete contractors who understand and value proper site prep. We will come through and follow the steps required for your space, often including:

• Foundation preparation through excavation or land clearing
• Initial grading to rough out the area
• Detailed final grading to smooth the site
• Pouring concrete and expert finishing
• Final walkthrough to ensure quality and durability

Site Preparation in Valparaiso and Northwest Indiana

Proper site preparation is often overlooked by contractors in the concrete business, when in fact it is the most important part of the entire concrete installation process. If you do not properly prepare the area for new concrete, it will fail prematurely by cracking, sinking and otherwise failing.

The team at Epic Concrete will evalute your site, and determine the proper steps needed to ensure a thorough site preparation. Simply put, you can rely on the experience and professional team at Epic Concrete. That is why we have received so many return and referral clients from all over the greater Northwest Indiana area because we offer comprehensive services you can rely upon.

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